The Praetimi

Praetimus means: “we will create value”

Our name precisely describes our brand promise:

Pr(a)etero(1) [Latin, verb] ­‐ is the fusion of Pr(a)etium [Latin, noun] which means “price”, “value” or “reward” and Genero [Latin, verb] – which means “to produce” or “to create”.

Pr(a)etimus(1) [Latin] ­‐ is a conjugation of Pr(a)etero, and means “We will create value”.

Remark(1) Both notations are correct: “ae” (classical, medieval) and “e” (modern).

Praetimus competence is: ‘value engineering’

We are committed to identify, engineer and realize business value in primary business processes:

  • Innovation -­ Develop new (pro)positions.
  • Commerce -­ Improve marketing, sales and service.
  • Operations -­ Improve supply chain management.

At Praetimus it is: ‘Who you see, is who you get’

Our partners conduct all our engagements themselves. Each has twenty+ years of experience, both in leadership positions in the industry and as a consultant serving the industry.