Time & Material

Most common engagement model to deliver consulting support in regular projects. Compensation of Praetimus is based on actual time spending.

Fixed Price

Engagement model that offers guarantees for both the client and Praetimus and can be used in regular projects as well as standardized workshops on various topics we specialize in. On request, we can also tailor these workshops to client needs.

Risk / Reward

Engagement model that ensures that both the client and Praetimus share the results. We put our skin in the game. This model can be used in projects where we jointly agree on situation, objectives & scope, deliverables and pre- conditions. We define the optimal approach, program staging, work packages, milestone planning, division of tasks, organization & governance, risk management and required investment (incl. risk / reward mechanism).


Praetimus offers its continuous support also on an monthly / quarterly basis. We invest to get to know your firm. The client commits to a minimum support period. We can offer attractive rates for this type of support.